Thermo Moulding: the principle

Thermo Moulding is a rapid and proven production technology for the manufacture of PVC fittings and road gullies for pipe systems. In brief, Thermo Moulding is comprised of heating and moulding extruded PVC pipe and sheets. Compressed air is used to form the plastic in a modular mould. The products can be manufactured from a variety of classes of pipes, colours and plastic compositions.

Thermo Moulding is a high-quality and proven production technology - a technology capable of extremely accurate process control, and of absolute reproducibility. The method, which was originally a supplementary technology for injection moulding, has since evolved into an indispensable production process. New applications are continually being discovered, and other plastics are being tested for their suitability for this renowned manufacturing technology. Thermo Moulding benefits are not restricted solely to the technical issues involved in the manufacture of fittings. It is also characterised by the production method's low level of investments.


Thermo Moulding


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