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Nyloplast highly values sustainable methods and continuous development of more sustainable solutions, both in its mode of operation and in the product range it offers. This resulted in the ISO-14001 certificate (environment management system) being awarded by the end of 2011. To us, the key to more sustainable and ecologically sound business operations is found in subtle initiative and major process adaptations resulting in concrete examples like a full transition to green energy and innovative mutations of its production and product range. An example of this is the "green" Nyloplast drain, made from a basic material with a core layer composed for over 50 % of high-grade recyclate. These initiatives are an excellent match with the goals and objectives of the European PVC industry, laid down in the voluntary 'Vinylplus' collaborative arrangement.

Vinyl Plus

VinylPlus is the European PVC industry's new ten-year Voluntary Commitment, which builds on the achievements of the Vinyl 2010 programme, taking the next important steps in tackling the sustainability challenges for PVC.

In the last decade, the PVC industry has made great progress in waste management, innovative recycling technologies, stakeholder engagement and responsible use of additives meeting all the targets set in Vinyl 2010's Voluntary Commitment.

In creating the new VinylPlus programme, the industry has chosen to work in an open process of extensive stakeholder dialogue, including private companies, NGOs, regulators, public representatives, and users of PVC.

Five key challenges have been identified as priorities according to The Natural Step System conditions for a sustainable society.

  • We will work towards the more efficient use and control of PVC throughout its life cycle

  • We will help to ensure that persistent organic compounds do not accumulate in nature and that other emissions are reduced

  • We will review the use of PVC additives and move towards more sustainable additives systems

  • We will help to minimise climate impacts through reducing energy and raw material use, potentially endeavouring to switch to renewable sources and promoting sustainable innovation

  • We will build sustainability awareness across the value chain - including stakeholders inside and outside the industry - to accelerate progress towards resolving our sustainability challenge. 

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ISO 14001 certificate EN

ISO 14001 certificate EN

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